About Us 


Founded in 1998, MedServices Personnel, Inc. ( has provided hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare providers in northeastern Kansas with contract and per diem clinician staffing.  When the company was relocated from Topeka to Lawrence we recognized both a need for temporary staffing outside of the healthcare field as well as a more than qualified labor pool looking for temporary work assignments within the Lawrence community.  With that understanding, MedServices Personnel, Inc. reserved the domain and began assisting with everyday labor needs of Lawrencians and local businesses with accomplishing their tasks in a reliable and professional manner. partners with Lawrence and surrounding communities to provide staffing solutions for individuals, small businesses and corporations.  Our office staff will work directly with you to identify a solution for your need.  We will look to our current pool of laborors to find a quality match for your project.  If one is not available, we will work within our network of resources to source quality help tailored towards your individual needs.

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